Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE)

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Who We Are
The Philippine-American Academy of Science & Engineering (PAASE) is a non-profit organization composed of scientists and engineers of Philippine descent who have distinguished themselves in scholarly and research related activities. PAASE was founded and incorporated in the US State of Indiana on April 23, 1980.
PAASE aims to promote the advancement of science, engineering & technology; encourage collaborative work among scientists & engineers of Philippine descent in research and development through scholarly and scientific endeavors; support efforts that advance science & technology; and recognize and honor the achievements of scientists and engineers of Philippine descent.
PAASE is a professional organization of scientists and engineers of Philippine descent who hold Ph.D. or M.D. degrees, or both, and are in the forefront of scientific research and technology development in the United States, the Philippines and other countries. Starting with 27 founding members in 1980, the membership has now grown to over 230. We are university professors, government and academic research scientists, policy makers, and lecturers in world-class academic institutions in the U.S., the Philippines, Europe, Australia and Asia. Some of us have the distinction of being elected members of the most prestigious and exclusive scientific and engineering academies of the United States and the Philippines.
Our research activities span diverse fields of study: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics, computer science and engineering and we are actively pursuing scientific and technological challenges facing our society. We are involved in the training of students in the Philippines and abroad as we believe that the youth will shape the future of science and technology and economy of our country. A primary objective of PAASE is to promote contacts and collaborations among Filipino scientists the world over and to help the Philippines in her efforts to advance science and engineering, teaching and research in our country.
The challenges involved in significantly raising the economic welfare and well-being of Filipinos are daunting. But recognizing that the value of science is ultimately measured by its impact on society, it is crucial for us to commit to extend the fruits of science and technology to benefit our people through education, information dissemination, entrepreneurial activity, and commercialization. A high-level and expansive perspective is required to establish the value chain from basic to applied science, for the benefit of society.