Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE)

Agham at Kaalaman para sa Bayan
S&T Volunteerism: Outreach to Philippine Regions!

Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats Series: PAASE on Philippine Innovation
Engineering a Feasible Innovation Ecosystem in Philippine SUCs: Challenges, Strategies and Opportunies

Episode 51: The 21st Century Medical Knowledge Center

Fireside Chats Series: PAASE on Philippine Innovation
Transformative Educational Approach in Enhancing Science Learning Through Videos and AI Tools

Fireside Chats Series: PAASE on Philippine Innovation
AKYAT Pilipinas: Angkop sa Kalawakan, Yari at Tatak
Can we Build for Outer Space in the Philippines?

Episode 50: Chatbots, Generative AI, and Scholarly Manuscripts: World Association of Medical Editors Recommendations on Chatbots and Generative Artificial Intelligence in Relation to Scholarly Publication

Episode 49: Philippine Innovation Priorities and Issues

Episode 48: Aling Wikang Panturo para sa Agham at Matematika?: A Conversation on the Issue of Medium of Instruction in Science & Math

Episode 47: Model Internationalization Programs of HEIs: Towards Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Greater Impact

Episode 46: Sowing the Seeds: AFSA’s Commitment to Support the Filipinx Community in the US

Episode 45: UPRI Efforts towards Resilience Building

Episode 44: GradMAP: Helping Filipino Scientists Pursue Graduate Studies in STEM

Episode 43: Celebratory Testimonial for Secretary-Designates Alfredo E. Pascual and Arsenio M. Balisacan

Episode 42: Mandanas Ruling

Episode 41: Conversation about the Presidential Elections: Results and Consequences

Episode 40: Biodiversity Research Initiatives in Mindanao: Linking with Stakeholders for Conservation & Tourism Development

Episode 39: Presidential Election Campaign Issues, Strategies, & Scenarios

Episode 38: What's New in Rice Research?

Episode 37B: Induction of New PAASE Members Session 2

Episode 37A: Induction of New PAASE Members Session 1

Episode 36: Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible

Episode 35: Aspiring to Inspire: Celebrating the Youth and Women in STEM

Episode 34: Global Women's Breakfast 2022: Empowering Diversity in Science

Special Episode: 2021 PAASE Thanksgiving-Christmas Celebration featuring Special Testimonial recognizing significant contributions of Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to Science and Technology Development in the country

Episode 33: Publishing in PAASE Journal SciEnggJ Made Easy by Clarivate's ScholarOne

Episode 32: The Science of Emergency Care

Episode 31: How to "TECH STARTUP" Proudly Made in the Philippines by Filipinos for Filipinos

Episode 30: Publishing in PAASE Journal SciEnggJ Made Easy by Clarivate's ScholarOne

Episode 29: iSTART@Work in Leyte: Ahead with SUCs

Episode 28: Lifting the Bottom Half: Alternative Coconut Product Development and Intercropping

Episode 27: Why Bring 'Future Earth' to LGUs and Communities?

Episode 26: Town Hall Meeting with PAASE Leaders (Officers and Board Members): Let PAASE Members and Friends Be Heard!

Episode 25: Journal Article Discussion of 2015 PLOS: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens: The Case of the DNA Virus MDV Causing Marek's Disease in Poultry

Episode 24: Science of COVID Modelling: Problems and Prospects

Episode 23: “SciEnggJ” - PAASE’s Official Journal: Showcasing the Work of Filipino Scientists Here and Abroad!

Episode 22: Rina Lopez of ABS-CBN Knowledge Channel: On Early Youth Learning and Education During COVID and How PAASE Can Help

Episode 21: Giving Value to Waste: UpCycling through 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Episode 20: Finding a Way Forward Amidst the PROs and CONs of Ivermectin for COVID-19 Dr. Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD presents meta-analysis of Ivermectin studies

Episode 19: IVERMECTIN: PROS and CONS in LIGHT OF COVID in the Philippines


Episode 17: Bridging Journalists and Scientists during COVID

Episode 16: Towards Climate-Resilient Communities

Episode 15: Bakuna and All Matters COVID: Let's Hear It from Our MDs and DVMs

Episode 14: SAVE THE TALENT: STEM Education Initiatives at the Secondary Level

Episode 13: Notes from the Trenches: Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Sourcing

Episode 12: Let's Hear It from DOST Leaders! How PAASE Can Help “PH Science for the People”

Episode 11: Let's Hear It from NAST Leaders! PAASE Contributions to STEM Education and Other Priorities in the NAST S&T Foresight Plan

Episode 10: Attracting and Mentoring #NextGen PH Research Leaders

Episode 9: Let’s Hear It From Industry and Innovation Leaders!

Episode 8: Let’s Hear It from PH Industry Leaders!

Episode 7: AIM's Star MSIB Grads Pitch Their Capstone Innovation Projects & Start-ups

Episode 6: Trailblazing Women Presidents of Higher Education Institutions

Episode 5: Addressing Hunger and Malnutrition During the Pandemic

Episode 4: Publishing PAASE REC-based Special Issues in the Online Journal PSL

Episode 3: STEM Education - Early On!

Episode 2: A Robust S&T Human Capital Critical for Economic Recovery & Resilience

Episode 1: STRIDE MOA Signing