Working for the Public Good : 2 Schemes
20 July 2011

Dear PAASE colleagues:

I would like to thank Baltz and all those who helped make this new PAASE website a reality. It is a dream I had ever since I joined PAASE and became a PAASE board member. We cannot underestimate the power of this website to help transform science and engineering education and research in our country.

I am attaching 2 schemes which I made sometime ago. Scheme 1 shows how each one of us as scientists and engineers can contribute to public good. Clearly, there are very many ways. This could serve as a template for each one of us to enumerate the kinds of endeavors we are engaged in. We could update this template regularly. 

The most important thing is to be engaged! Presently, we have several advocacies that were discussed in the FGDs at 31APAMS. This is work in progress. At some point, Gobet who successfully organized the FGDs, will synthesize the materials and prepare documents that we will send out to important people or prime movers in Philippine society. We will post it in our message corner to President Aquino!

Scheme 2 is something I made as VP for Academic Affairs of UP. It's an academic framework to guide me in identifying the various aspects of academic life where we need concerted positive interventions. We are planning initiatives for each of the numbered items in the scheme. I appeal to our PAASE colleagues to help us in any way in our academic life. 

As they say, some figures can speak a thousand words; so for the sake of brevity, I thought I'd share these schemes with you.


Dr Gisela Padilla-Concepcion
PAASE President