2015 Annual PAASE Meeting and Symposium

Global Partnerships: The Key to Philippine Innovation and Competitiveness
Oral Highlights Session 1: Engineering
KS-1 Computer Vision Algorithm for Real Time Breast Cancer Self-Examination (Abstract Only)
Elmer Dadios
POH-1-1 Development and Evaluation of a Modified Luus-Jaakola Adaptive Random Search Algorithm
Sed Anderson K. Holaysan, Luis F. Razon and Raymond R. Tan
POH-1-2 Surface Modification of Ceramic through HCl treatment and its effect on the Growth of Spray-Pyrolized ZnO
Joven Paolo Angeles, Chelo Pascua and Ian Jasper Agulo
POH-1-3 Characterization of the aerodynamic effects of surface modification on Magnus rotor blades using ANSYS CFX
Neil Stephen Lopez, Brian Kieffer Mara, Brian Christopher Mercado, Luigi Andrew Mercado and Jose Miguel Pascual
POH-1-4 Analysis of microstructure transport properties of pervious concrete using X-ray microtomography and Random Walk Simulation
Ana Karmela Sumabat, Neil Stephen Lopez, Bernadette Tablada and Michael Angelo Promentilla
POH-1-5 Probablistic Multi-disruption Risk Analysis in Bioenergy Parks via Physical Input-Output Modeling
Michael Francis D. Benjamin, Raymond R. Tan and Luiz F. Razon
POH-1-6 Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Source-Sink Matching with Consideration of Geographic Earthquake (Abstract Only)
Ana Karmela Sumabat and Raymond Tan
POH-1-7 Evaluation of Drying and Grinding Process on the Extraction of Algal Protein from Scenedesmusobliquus Using Taguchi Method (Abstract Only)
Aristotle Ubando, Raymond Tan, Alvin Culaba, Manny Uy and Joel Cuello
POH-1-8 Spatial Analytic Hierarchy Process for Ranking Potential Algal Cultivation Sites in the Philippines (Abstract Only) 
Aristotle Ubando, Neil Stephen Lopez, Ana Karmela Sumabat, Jose Bienvenido Manuel Biona, Alvin Culaba, Michael Angelo Promentilla, Raymond Tan, Bjorn Santos and Joel Cuello
POH-1-9 Adaptive Optimal Scheduling of Public Utility Buses in Metro Manila Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Cyrill O. Escolano, Elmer P. Dadios and Alexis D. Fillone
POH-1-10 Adaptive Driving Route of Buses along EDSA using Fuzzy Logic
Bernard G. Yasay, Elmer P. Dadios and Alexis M. Fillone
POH-1-11 Dakila: A Low-Cost Micro-Robot Racer
Cecille Adrianne Ochotorena, Cyrill Escolano, Reagan Galvez, Ramon Christopher Intal, Bernard Yasay and Elmer Dadios
POH-1-12 Underwater Mobile Sensor Network Using Directed Diffusion-Fuzzy Logic (DD-FL) Routing Protocol for Object Location Tracking Task (Abstract Only)
Marck Vicmudo and Elmer Dadios
POH-1-13 Simulation of Audio Classification for Event Detection Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Interference System for a Public Transport Vehicle
Cristina P. Dadula and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-1-14 Development of a Remote Controlled Mobile Robot for Toy Application using RF Module in PIC Microcontroller
Rionel Belen Caldo, Donabel D. Abuan and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-1-15 Fuzzy Estimation of Depth Maps from Coded Aperture Imaging Using Color Filters
Cecille Adrianne Ochotorena, Carlo Noel Ochotorena and Elmer Dadios
Oral Highlights Session 2: Humanitarian Technology and the Environment (Part 1)
POH-2-1 Ground Grid Integrity Testing Using Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
Bryan M. Dimayuga, Kevin Martin E. Jaron, Alexander T. Montero, Mark Kenneth Z. Peros and Rionel Belen Caldo
POH-2-2 Low-Cost Autonomous MicroRobot for Quick Navigation
Imelda Martin, Cristina Dadula and Marck Vicmudo and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-2-3 Fuzzy Inference System for Health Monitoring Using Wireless Body Area Networks
Robert Kerwin C. Billones and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-2-4 Fuzzy Logic Based Path Planning for Quadrotor
Reagan L. Galvez, Elmer P. Dadios and Argel A. Bandala
POH-2-5 Optimizing the Bus Schedules in Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue Using Fuzzy Rule-Based System
Ramon Christopher DJ. Intal, Elmer P. Dadios and Alexis M. Fillone
POH-2-6 Predictive Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Using Multivariate Fuzzy Parameters
Donabel D. Abuan and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-2-7 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Cooperative Tasks in Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (QUAVs)
Gerald Ely U. Faelden, Jose Martin Z. Maningo, Reiichiro Christian S. Nakano, Argel A. Bandala and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-2-8 Fuzzy Logic Approach to Tourist Trap Determination (Abstract Only)
Juan Raphael Sena, Elmer Dadios and Carlo Noel Ochotorena
POH-2-9 A Strategic Location Planner for Businesses using Fuzzy Logic (Abstract Only)
Reich Canlas, Elmer Dadios, Carlo Noel Ochotorena and Juan Raphael Sena
POH-2-10 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Alignment Formation in Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehices (QUAVs)
Jose Martin Z. Maningo, Gerald Ely U. Faelden, Reiichiro Christina S. Nakano, Argel A. Bandala and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-2-11 Design and Development of an Infrared-based Remote-Controlled Micro Robot: An Entry to the 2014 International Micro Robot Maze Contest (Abstract Only) 
Jose Martin Maningo, Gerald Ely Faelden, Reiichiro Christian Nakano, Argel Bandala and Elmer Dadios
Oral Highlights Session 3: The Sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics
POH-3-1 Human Brain microRNA in Chlorpyrifos Toxicity and Analysis of their Target Gene Network (Abstract Only)
Kimberly B. Benjamin, James Andrew T. Bollozos, Elmer Jason V. Cruz, Custer C. Deocaris and Marla A. Endriga
POH-3-2 Management of Estrogen Toxicity in Shallow Streams (Abstract Only)
Sheree Pagsuyoin
POH-3-3 Phytochmeical Screening, and Evaluation of the Toxicity, Antimicrobial and Anthelmintic Properties of the Different Extracts from the Air-dried Seeds of Areca catechu Linn.
Geneva Louise H. Salutan and Merell P. Billacura
POH-3-4 Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Zinc Oxide Microflowers via Electrochemical Process and UV-VIS Analysis
G.M. Javier, J. Pangasinan, A. Fontanilla, I.J. Agulo and Y. Matsushita
POH-3-5 Electrochemical synthesis and photocatalytic properties of ZnO microflakes
Climson Ford B. Inso, Ian Jasper A. Agulo and Yoshitaka Matsushita
POH-3-6 Layer-by-Layer Immobilization of Gamma-Irradiated Polyacrylate-Stabilized Silver and Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites
Ken Aldren S. Usman, Lawrence John Paulo L. Trinidad and Leon M. Payawan Jr.
POH-3-7 Mango Peel Extract Mediated Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Its Application on Biosensor Current Response Enhancement (Abstract Only)
Yomkippur Perez, Lawrence Trinidad, Ericka Mae Espejo, Riza Gabriela Bonifacio, Jojo Garcia, Maria Myrelle Quiambao, Arianne Aquino and Hilbert Magpantay
POH-3-8 Ultrafine nanofabrication of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)-Gelatin nanofibers via electrospinning using a tri-solvent system (Abstract Only)
Jopeth Ramis
POH-3-9 A New Preparation of Peroxynitrite that Does Not Involve Nitrite (Abstract Only)
Joel Jorolan, Katrina Miranda, Lisa An Buttitta and Cheryl Cheah
POH-3-10 Characterization of Extracted Chitin Upon Adsorption of Ferrous Ion (Abstract Only)
Mark Tristan Quimque and Grace Angelie Dal
POH-3-11 On the Distribution of the Sums, Products, Quotient and Reliability measure of Lomax Distributed Random Variables Based on FGM Copula
Jayrold P. Arcede and Milburn O. Macalos
POH-3-12 Improvement of The Rellich Inequality And Its Applications (Abstract Only)
Alnar L. Detalla, Toshio Horiuchi and Hiroshi Ando
POH-3-13 Laser Irradiation of Graphene Oxide for Electrochemical Capacitors (Abstract Only)
Wendell Manuel, Szeemaine Tigno and Ia Jasper Agulo
Oral Highlights Session 4: Humanitarian Technology and the Environment (Part 2)
POH-4-1 An Approach in the Optimization of the Flight Time of a Swarm Quadcopter System Using Fuzzy Logic (Abstract Only)
Angelo Sam Capila
POH-4-2 Fuzzy Logic-Based Congestion-Aware Geographical Routing (CAGR) for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs)
Jonel C. Delos Angeles and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-4-3 Fuzzy Logic for Smart Lake
Francisco B. Culibrina and Elmer P. Dadios
POH-4-4 Microbot TIKAS (Abstract Only)
Robert Kerwin Billones, Sam Capilla, Francisco Culibrina, Macmac Mosqueda, Mackie Dizon and Elmer Dadios
POH-4-5 Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm for Quadrotor Stabilized Point-to-Point Movement
Reiichiro Christian S. Nakano, Argel Bandala, Gerald Ely Faelden, Jose Martin Maningo, Elmer P. Dadios
POH-4-6 Prediction of Diabetes on Women using Decision Tree Algorithm
Jefferson Gante Sanidad, Argel Bandala, Bernard Gante Sanidad and Sheryl Sanidad Marfil
POH-4-7 Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas and Non-renewable Energy Assessment of Ammonia as Fuel
Kristian Ray Angelo Are, Luiz Razon and Raymond Girard Tan
POH-4-8 Design of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems with Geological Sequestration as a Strip Packing Problem
John Frederick D. Tapia, Jui-Yuan Lee, Raymond E.H. Ooi, Dominic C.Y. Foo and Raymond R. Tan
POH-4-9 Life Cycle Impact of Paper and Plastic Carrying Bags Based on the Philippine Material and Energy Supply Chain (Abstract Only) 
Jose Bienvienido Manuel Biona, Jeremias Gonzaga, Hazel Claire Tan and Aristotle Ubando
POH-4-10 FCL-Based Indoor Air Quality Assessment for ASHRAE Standard Conformance
Rionel Belen Caldo
POH-4-11 Polarized Transmitted Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Asbestos in the Drinking Water in Selected Areas in Mindanao State University - Main and Marawi City in the Year 2012 and 2014 
Icee B. Pacon, Jonah Joy B. Aquino and Merell P. Billacura
Oral Session
USAID STRIDE Funded Projects
Oral Session (Part 1)
OS-1 The USAID STRIDE Program in the Philippines - Its Objectives, Plans, Progress and Status (Abstract Only)
Oscar Manny Uy and David Hall
Oral Session (Part 2)
OS-2-1 Mining Bacteria-derived human host cell signaling modulators for targeted drug discovery (Abstract Only)
Joyce Ibana, Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes and Ashkor Aiyar
OS-2-2 A registry of Philippine coffee varieties and SNP markers for improved production (Abstract Only)
Ma. Carmen Ablan Lagman, Ruel Mojica and Eli Meyer
OS-2-3 Pilot Deployment and R & D of a Multi-feedstock Village-Scale Modularized Kits for Bioethanol Production (Abstract Only)
Shirley Agrupis
OS-2-4 Finding solutions to precocious flowering of Stevia rebaudiana in the Philippines (Abstract Only)
Josephine Cruz and Maria Elena Quimio
OS-2-5 Expanded Organo-Bentonite Nano Filler for High-Value Added Rubber Products
Clare Garing, Mark Rigel Ali and Bryan Pajarito
Oral Presentation (Part 1)
OP-1-1 Development of a Low-Cost Photobioreactor for the Production of Spirulina for Aquaculture (Abstract Only)
Elvis Chua, Maria Krishna de Guzman, Ramon Macaraig, Lea Cristina Macaraig and Fabian Dayrit
OP-1-2 The Biology of the Angel Wing Clam (Pholasorientalis) (Abstract Only)
Philip Ian Padilla, Rommel Gestuveo, Mayflor Sibonga, Venice Hulleza, Abigail Puno and Jane Geduspan
Oral Presentation (Part 2)
OP-2-1 New business models for solar home systems: lessons from East Africa (Abstract Only)
Ernesto Terrado
OP-2-2 Analysis of Drought Risk Management Strategies using Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Modeling and Event Tree Analysis (Abstract Only)
Joost Santos, Sheree Pagsuyoin, Lucia Herrera, Raymond Tan and Krista Yu
OP-2-3 Synthesis of Transparent Carbon Nanotubes by Atomization of Ethanol in an Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition System
Rontgen Gapusan, Aian Ontoria, Wilbur Galarion, Ian Jasper Agulo, Alipio Garcia and Chelo Pascua 
OP-2-4 Progress of Carbon-based Materials Research in the Philippines for Energy Harvesting and Storage and Other Potential Applications (Abstract Only) 
Ian Jasper Agulo, Rontgen Gapusan, Aian Ontoria, Wilbur Galarion, Wendell Manuel, Szeemaine Tigno, Chelo Pascua and Alipio Garcia
OP-2-5 Record High Sea Surface Temperature in the Pacific Ocean and Its Relation to Typhoon Haiyan (Abstract Only)
Josefino C. Comiso, Gay Jane P. Perez and Larry V. Stock
T-1 Why Publish and How (Abstract Only)
Josefino Comiso