PAASE President's Corner 

22 January 2017

President's report PAASE 2016

Dear everyone,

It is my pleasure to let you know of the achievements we have made this 2016 as I have listed here.

A.  Annual PAASE Meeting and Symposium (APAMS 2016)

  1. A total of 51 registered members and 6 guests attended the meeting, which was held on July 8-9, 2016 at the Science and Engineering Hall, George Washington University 800 22nd St. NW, Washington, DC 20052 USA.
  2. A website was constructed courtesy of member Joost Santos and created by his students. Website:
  3. Dean David Dolling of the GWU College of Engineering donated the venue and provided chairs, tables, technical support and facilities.
  4. Ms. Gloria Steele of USAID attended the meeting, gave a few remarks and provided a donation for one dinner, the one held at the Kennedy Center rooftop restaurant.
  5. The APAMS abstract book was provided to all members attendees and non-attendees on line, so that any member could have access to the scientific proceedings of the meeting, regardless of their ability to come to the meeting or not.  It was suggested that this could serve as a supplement to the Philippine Journal of Science.
  6. At least 43 presentations were made; there were 2 panel discussions and 7 technical sessions. Two fellowship nights were included in the registration fee, in addition to lunch, including one at the Kennedy Center.  Ten free tickets for a Kennedy Center show were available to interested members.
  7. Affordable housing was available at the GWU students dorm and was availed of by the 12 dormers who chose not to spend for hotel.
  8. Two high school students were able to attend for free, thanks to a cash donation from Florence Cua.

B. In addition to organizing the APAMS, an issue of national importance pertaining to the genetically modified eggplant (BT Talong issue ) led to the issuance of a PAASE official statement crafted by several members and  which was released on May 3, 2016. This proved to be effective, as subsequent activities by the Philippine government led to the reversal of the controversial act. 

C. Another issue which went up for discussion to the Board was whether PAASE should endorse a particular candidate for the much sought after position of UP President. PAASE decided not to take an official stand since three PAASE members were in contention for the position. As  a final outcome, none of the PAASE candidates was selected, and instead a lawyer assumed  the reins of UP.

D. A summary of the panel discussion on the theme of the Meeting, “Training the next generation of scientists”  which will serve as both an opinion paper as well as executive summary is still in the works

E. Because of recent events pertaining to finance, a temporary finance committee consisting of Xenia Tigno, Rafael Gorospe, Ma. Luisa Virata and Joey Comiso met. The committee came up with the following recommendations:

  1. The position of treasurer should be co-terminus with the Chair
  2. There should be active solicitation of membership fees even on the years when the meeting is not in the US
  3. There should be at least two signatories for the bank accounts
  4. Electronic payment of fees should be available to facilitate collection of fees.
  5. Once the President and the BOD agree on the activities to be paid for the APAMS and other activities of the organization, expenses should be directly paid out of the APAMS coffers by the treasurer,  and should not entail being pre-paid by the president, to be reimbursed at a later date by the treasurer.
  6. Payment of website (s) should be part of yearly appropriation

Xenia Tigno

Dr. Xenia Tigno
PAASE President (2016)