PAASE President's Corner 
Thoughts & Wishes from the 2011 PAASE President
Email sent to PAASE members on 27 December 2011

Dear PAASE Colleagues:

I would like to wish you all restful, peaceful holidays spent with family and friends.

May there be also some time to reflect on ourselves and renew our commitment to pursue worthwhile goals as scientists and engineers, beyond pure scholarship, professional success, new discoveries and inventions, to help improve the lives of Filipinos.  

Before the year ends, please allow me to share with you some thoughts.....DOWNLOAD & READ FULL MESSAGE.

Many Firsts this year, many more challenges for PAASE

Dear PAASE Colleagues:

I think you will agree that we have had several good 'firsts' for PAASE this year, but we face many more challenges. I am taking stock because my term as PAASE President is more than half-way through, and soon Gobet will take over.... READ FULL MESSAGE.

Working for the Public Good : 2 Schemes
20 July 2011

Dear PAASE Colleagues:
   I would like to thank Baltz and all those who helped make this new PAASE website a reality. It is a dream I had ever since I joined PAASE and became a PAASE board member. We cannot underestimate the power of this website to help transform science and engineering education and research in our country...READ FULL MESSAGE

A Silver Lining for Science and Technology in the Philippines
G. P. Padilla-Concepcion

Being a mother of five, I often think of how best to motivate children to do their best and to succeed. Since they were young, I would stress on my children that they should strive for self-improvement... READ FULL ESSAY

Philippine Science Letters (PSL) - On the Move
E. A. Padlan & G. P. Padilla-Concepcion

We are proud to say that PSL has been recognized as eligible for the international publication award in UP and ... READ FULL EDITORIAL
Dr Gisela Padilla-Concepcion
PAASE President (2011)

Regarding very many ways that PAASE members can continue to help the Philippines