A. Maureen Rouhi, PAASE member since 2011, has been selected as the next Editor-in-Chief of Chem & Eng News. MORE
A group at the Marine Science Institute, Univ of the Philippines at Diliman, led by PAASE members Giselle Padilla-Concepcionand Ed Padlan, reviewed antibody structures with high resolution deposited in the Protein Data Bank from 1994-2010. The paper recently appeared in a special issue of the international journal New Biotechnology. (Photo courtesy of Elsevier)

How many HA Trimers does a flu virus need to infect a host cell? A predominantly Filipino research team from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (Germany), the University of Zurich (Switzerland), and the University of the Philippines provides AN ANSWER featured on the cover of the journal Molecular Biosystems. 

SEVEN DISTINGUISHED FILIPINOS ARE NEWEST PAASE MEMBERS. Drs Maureen Rouhi, Rodolfo Nayga Jr, Alfredo Lahar Lagmay, Teodoro Mendoza, Ann Villalobos, Felino Lansigan, and Ricardo del Rosario form the new batch of distinguished PAASE members. MORE

OLIVERA IS FIRST FILIPINO SCIENTIST ELECTED TO THE US NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. It's never too late for great news: in 2009, Baldomero 'Toto' Olivera, PAASE member and Univ of Utah Distinguished Professor was elected member of the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences. HERE is how his university covered the news. HERE is a recent article in PhilStar listing Toto as a member of the 'ones who should be famous'. Other PAASE members are also on this list.

ADVINCULA IS THE ONLY TRIPLE FELLOW OF THE ACS. Advincula was recently inducted as a fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS), as well as being named a fellow in two of its technical divisions – the Polymer Chemistry Division and the Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Division. MORE

CAESAR SALOMA IN THE ULTIMATE LIST OF 15 ASIAN SCIENTISTS. The Asian Scientist recently posted in its website a list of 15 Asian scientists" who represent the movers and shakers of Asia". MORE