"They had a map of the brain, a model of the body, and a pretty good idea of how to build the environment...". An international group is nowconstructing a fully digital lifeform - a virtual worm! READ THE STORY HERE. You can also participate in the OPENWORM project.
Facebook-led Project Seeks Internet Access Globally For All. The company Internet.Org, launched on August 21, 2013, "will focus on seeking ways to help 5 billion people - or two-thirds of the world's population - who do not have internet access, come online.." (go to internet.orgor the Reuters news for more).
PAASE members Drs. Isabel Guerrero (shown left), Victoria Guerrero-Abellera & Benjamin Abellera are volunteering free services for the 2013 medical mission at Benguet, Philippines Feb 18-21, 2013. This is just one example of the many Philippine PROJECTS that PAASE members are involved in.
State-of-the-art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility opens at the University of the Philippines - DilimanRead News
2012 Nobel Prizes are announcedPHYSICS PRIZE goes to Haroche & Wineland for work on quantum systems; PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE to Yamanaka & Gurdon for work on reprogramming cells to pluripotency. (Photo: NobelPrize.org)
PAASE Members conduct a workshop on “A Systems Perspective on Disaster Risk Management”. It was hosted by De La Salle University.. Download Full Story. Link to Phil Star Article.
PAASE Members explain the sinking of Manila. Drs Rodolfo & Siringan claim that "excessive groundwater extraction is lowering the land surface by several centimetres to more than a decimetre per year." DOWNLOAD PAPER; The Manila flooding disaster may be mostly man-made(Photo credit: Philip Penaflor)
UP-Manila Chancellor visits the National Institutes of Health (Maryland, USA) to establish collaborations on eye disease research. Postdoc traning of Filipino researchers at NEI/NIH planned. MORE
Annual PAASE Meeting & Symposium (32nd APAMS) held May 4-5, 2012
DADO BANATAO was Plenary Speaker. HERE is the text of his speech.

July-August 2011

UP Officials Visit the NIH, Meet with NIH-based PAASE MembersMORE

BRAZIL PROMISES 75,000 SCHOLARSHIPS IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY . The Brazilian government, as part of its Science Withour Borders program, announces more than US$2 billion for 75,000 scholarships in S & T by the end of 2014.

Tech-related start up and growth companies in the Philippines will compete for the Grand Prize: a3-month immersion in California USA’s Silicon Valley. Click picture on the right for details.


June 2011
31APAMS HELD AT UP DILIMAN 15-17 JUNE 2011. The theme of this year's meeting is "Science and Engineering Education, Research and Innovation Toward National Development and Global Competitiveness". More

May 2011

SEVEN DISTINGUISHED FILIPINOS ARE NEWEST PAASE MEMBERS. Drs Maureen Rouhi, Rodolfo Nayga Jr, Alfredo Lahar Lagmay, Teodoro Mendoza, Ann Villalobos, Felino Lansigan, and Ricardo del Rosario form the new batch of distinguished PAASE members. More 

OLIVERA IS FIRST FILIPINO SCIENTIST ELECTED TO THE US NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. It's never too late for great news: in 2009, Baldomero 'Toto' Olivera, PAASE member and Univ of Utah Distinguished Professor was elected member of the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences. Here is how his university covered the news. Hereis a recent article in PhilStar listing Toto as a member of the 'ones who should be famous'. Other PAASE members are also on this list.

ADVINCULA IS THE ONLY TRIPLE FELLOW OF THE ACS. Advincula was recently inducted as a fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS), as well as being named a fellow in two of its technical divisions – the Polymer Chemistry Division and the Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Division.More

CAESAR SALOMA IN THE ULTIMATE LIST OF 15 ASIAN SCIENTISTS. The Asian Scientist recently posted in its website a list of 15 Asian scientists" who represent the movers and shakers of Asia". More