PAASE MEMBERS  (Associate Members)

VELARDE, Michael C.

Postdoctoral Trainee

Buck Institute for Age Research, Campisi Lab

8001 Redwood Blvd., Novato, CA 94945

Office Phone: [415] 209-2000 ext 6716


Expertise: Genetics, gynecological disorders, women’s health and cancer, aging and age-related diseases, steroid hormone signaling in mammalian uterus, molecular regulation of endometriosis and infertility, mitochondrial oxidative damage promotes cellular senescence-associated inflammation response in the skin


Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Dean of Student Affairs

International American University College of Medicine

St. Lucia, West Indies


Expertise: Bioinorganic chemistry, spectroscopic studies of proteins, biodesulfurization and remediation, immunoliposomes for drug delivery, metalloproteins, protein misfolding

VILLARAZA, Aaron Joseph L.

Associate Professor 1

Institute of Chemistry, IChem T232

University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines

Office Phone: [63][2] 920-5427


Expertise: Inorganic chemistry, synthetic research, development of molecular probes (small molecule to macromolecular) as tools for in vitro assays and contrast agents for in vivo medical imaging (MRI, optical, PET, SPECT), synthesis of polyheterometallic lanthanide chelates as potential contrast agents for multi-modal (MRI/optical) imaging protocols, synthesis of fluorescent polymer-antibody bioconjugates for optical detection of cancer cells over-expressing epidermal growth factor receptor, HER1; labeling and bioconjugation of small molecule natural products with known molecular targets, synthesis of large, synthetic polymers or polymer-biomolecular hybrids for applications in cancer diagnosis, microbiology and neuroscience



University of Colorado Anschultz Medical Campus

12700 E. 19th Ave, B313, Aurora, CO 80045

Office Phone: [303] 724-5624

Cell Phone: [720] 383-9973


Expertise: Pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology, extracellular superoxide dismutase and its possible therapeutic applications to pulmonary hypertension, nanoparticle-based gene delivery system