PAASE MEMBERS  (Full Members)

JAMESON, Cynthia J.

Office: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Chemistry (M/C 111), 845 West Taylor St., Rm 4500, Chicago, IL 60607-7061

Office Phone: [312] 996-2352, 996-2356

Fax: [312] 996-0431





Present Position: Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Expertise: Physical chemistry, gas phase NMR spectroscopy, applications of NMR to fundamental studies of adsorption and diffusion, Xe NMR chemical shift tensors, channels and other nanopores


Professor Emeritus 

Department of Physical Sciences, College of Science

University of the Philippines, Baguio, Baguio City, 2600, Philippines


Expertise: Biochemistry and molecular biology, peptide chemistry, toxinology, proteomics, toxinology

JOSE, Pedro A.

Professor of Medicine and Physiology (UM); Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology (Georgetown University School of Medicine); Visiting Professor (3rd Military Medical University of China,ChongqingChina)

University of Maryland School of Medicine, Division of Nephrology

20 Penn St. Suite S003D, Baltimore, MD 21201

Office Phone: [410] 706-6015

Fax: [410] 706-6034



Expertise: Pathogenesis of hypertension, salt sensitive hypertension, dopamine receptors in the regulation of renal function, epithelial sodium transport, vascular function and blood pressure, G-protein-related kinase mutants, signal transduction and cellular trafficking of dopamine receptors

JUMAWAN, Agustin Jr. B.

Chief, Water Quality Modeling, Permitting Branch

Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management

100 N. Senate Avenue, PO Box 6015 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6015

Office Phone: [317] 234-0862

Fax: [317] 232-8637


Expertise: Chemical and environmental process engineering/design, water quality management, wastewater recovery