PAASE MEMBERS  (Full Members)

GABRIEL, Alonzo A.


Department of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Home Economics, University of the Philippines Diliman

Office Phone: +632-981-8500 loc 3012

Mobile Number: +63917-5667609



Expertise: Pathogens, food, food preservation, food and nutrition, food microbiology and safety, food processing, food quality, food science and technology, processing technology, foodborne diseases, dairy microbiology

GALVEZ, Alfredo F.

Director of Research (Missouri Plant Science Center), Lead Scientific Advisor (Soy Labs, LLC), Project Scientist (Center for Nutritional Genomics, UC Davis)

Missouri Plant Science Center, Mexico

MO 65265; Soy Labs LLC, P.O. Box 459, Mexico, MO 65265; NCMHD Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, University of California, Davis, CA 95616

Office Phone: [573] 582-7388 (SoyLabs)





Expertise: Molecular genetics, epigenetics and nutritional genomics, anticancer compounds in soybean (lunasin)

GAMBOA, Eugene 
No Updated Information

GAN, Jose C. 

No Updated Information

Professor of Biochemistry (retired from University of Texas Medical Branch,GalvestonTX)


Expertise: Biochemistry, structures and functions of glycoproteins, gonadotrophic hormones and plasma proteins, medical education

GARCIA, Crisostomo B.

Phone: [858] 759-9281

Fax: [858] 759-5681

Expertise: Statistics, finance, computers

GARCIA, Jerrold J.


Ateneo de Manila University, Department of Physics

3rd floor, Faura Hall, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines 1128

Office Phone: [632] 426-6001 loc. 5690, 5691


Expertise: Mathematical physics

GARCIA, Manuel M.

Consultant and Trainer

Phone: [1][613] 727-5279


Expertise: Farm-to-table food safety, control of foodborne, waterborne and animal pathogens, microbiology

GAVINO, Victor C.

Professeur titulaire (equivalent to Full Professor)

Universite de Montreal, Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine

2405 chemin de la Cote Ste-Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3T 1A8

Office Phone: [514] 343-6111 ext 27896

Fax: [514] 343-7395



Expertise: Lipid chemistry and biochemistry, enzyme kinetics and mathematical modeling, analytical techniques in food analysis, nutrition, in vivo and in vitro models

GEAGA, Jorge V.

Office: 2614 Silver Ridge Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Office Phone: [323] 661-8229


Present Position: Consultant

Expertise: Physics, scientific visualization, systems engineering, ground systems software, data fusion, situational awareness, image exploitation, automatic target recognition, polarimetric SAR phenomenology, remote sensing, neural networks, radar cross sections, aerospace and defense technology

GOH, Cynthia M.

Professor of Chemistry and Institute of Medical Science, Associate Director (Institute for Optical Sciences, Univ. of Toronto)

University of Toronto, Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories

80 St. George St. Toronto, Rm 522, Ontario, Canada M5S 3H6

Office Phone: [416] 978-6254

Fax: [416] 978-8775



Expertise: Physical chemistry, biomaterials, diffractive optics, probe microscopy of biological systems, self-assembly of biomolecules and polymers, collagen, biological imaging, atomic force microscopy, interfacial chemistry, nanoparticle synthesis and properties, nanocomposite materials directed protein aggregation

GOMEZ, Romel D.

Keystone Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education

University of Maryland - College Park, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

A.V. Williams Bldg. Rm 2313, Paint Branch Dr., College Park, MD 20742

Office Phone: [301] 405-7755

Fax: [301] 314-9281


Keystone Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education

Expertise: Magnetism, nanodevices, surface science, biochemical detection with emphasis on the phenomena and processes at the atomic and molecular length scales, instrumentation development

GOMEZ, Sheilachu P.

Assistant Director, FCRC; Assistant in Microbiology and Cell Science, Grants Coordinator, Microbiology and Cell Science Department

Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels, University of Florida/IFAS

Bldg 981, Museum Rd, P.O. Box 110700, Gainesville, FL 32611-0700

Office Phone/Fax: [352] 392-0237





Expertise: acquisition and administration of research grants, graduate education in microbiology and cell science, metabolic engineering of bacteria to produce chemicals and fuels from biomass, translational research on the treatment of refractory hematologic and solid cancers, molecular genetic transformations in insects and plants


Staff Scientist


Expertise: Antibody engineering, bioinformatics, chemistry

GOROSPE, J. Rafael M. 

Medical Officer/Program Officer

National Institute for General Medical Sciences, NIH

45 Center Drive 3AS.44, Bethesda, MD 20892

Office Phone: [301] 435-0832

Fax : [301] 480-3770




Expertise: Molecular biology, molecular genetics, genomics, animal modeling of human diseases, animal clinical trials, muscular dystrophy, diagnosis and management of genetic diseases, development of genetic tests


Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biochemistry Division, International Rice Research Institute

DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila

Office Phone: [63][2] 845-0563, 580-5600, ext. 2728

Fax: [63][2] 891-1292, 580-5699


Expertise: Plant breeding and genetics (rice), salinity and phosphorus deficiency tolerance genes, iron-toxicity tolerance genes, cold tolerance, breeding for high micronutrients in rice


Hospital Epidemiologist

Community Medical Center

Toms River, NJ 09755


Expertise: Infectious diseases


Retired from Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD-DOST)

Cell Phone: [63-920] 519-9225


Expertise: Fisheries management and aquaculture, vermitechnology (earthworm culture for vermicompost, vermimeal production, vermiceutical application)


Office: Community Medical Center, Toms River, NJ 09755


Expertise: Ecology (wetlands and wildlife), animal behavior, environmental education and conservation

GUEVARA, Amelia P.

Executive Director (PCIEERD), Professor of Chemistry (UP)

Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development

DOST Complex, Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City 1631 and Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines



Expertise: Natural products chemistry, biochemistry, screening of Philippine plant extracts for pharmaceutical and agricultural applications, isolation of bioactive natural products from Philippine plants, structure elucidation, structure-bioactivity correlation studies

GUEVARA, Rowena Cristina L.

Professor (CE) and Executive Director (NEC)

University of the Philippines College of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Institute and National Engineering Center

UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Office Phone: [63][2] 920-8860, 928-3144, 922-4714




Expertise: Electrical engineering, speech, audio and communications signal processing, time-frequency analysis and synthesis, artificial intelligence

GULOY, Arnold M.

Professor and Associate Department Chair

University of Houston, Department of Chemistry

5008 - SERC, Houston, TX 77204-5003

Office Phone: [832] 426-3538



Expertise: Inorganic solid state chemistry, chemistry of main group elements, new synthetic routes to novel solid state materials, nanostructured and complex materials, low-dimensional solids, electronic structures and chemical bonding of solids, materials for energy applications