July 2011

THE GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE INITIATIVE (GKI) promises to level the playing field for the haves and the have-nots by building a global knowledge society. Quote from GKI's website: "Colleges and universities are home to people who create, share, and capture knowledge. In developed countries, these institutions generate, teach, and archive knowledge to connect generations. Bridging the gap that separates the institutions of developed and developing countries remains an ongoing challenge in building a global knowledge society. The Global Knowledge Initiative seeks to be the broker, the matchmaker that forges the links needed to bridge these gaps. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, the Global Knowledge Initiative is not subject to governmental, corporate and institutional agendas." 19Jul2011


PHILIP YEO TALKS ABOUT SINGAPORE'S EXPERIENCE IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. This is the set of slides presented at the Feb 2011 Panama Conference on WHERE THE WORLD MEETS. 18Jul2011

THE G8 RESEARCH COUNCILS INITIATIVE ON MULTILATERAL RESEARCH FUNDING."This initiative is aimed at supporting excellent research on topics of global relevance (current topic:material efficiency & sustainable manufacturing) best tackled through a multinational approach, recognising that global challenges need global solutions." 15Jul2011

June 2011

OKINAWA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (OIST). This is an example of what could happen when a government and forward-looking citizens combine their wills to establish a premier research institution for the world. NATURE magazine recently featured OIST.

A DECADE WITH THE HUMAN GENOME SEQUENCE was a symposium held at the National Institutes of Health (USA) to commemorate the 10th-year anniversary of the first complete draft of the human genome sequence. Watch VIDEOS.