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Great 21st Century State University is what University of the Philippines' President Alfredo Pascual is working towards. Juaniyo Arcellana of the Philippine Star recently interviewed Pres. Pascual.
Research Programs & Faculty Development are highlights of thewebsite of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs  of the University of the Philippines System. Foreign-based Filipino scientists are offered opportunities to visit their homeland and contribute.
Wastefulness & Parsimony in the way Nature solves problems. Watch Ed Padlan's 5-star lecture VIDEO prepared by the Diliman Interactive Learning Center. Ed is a PAASE member, retired biophysicist (NIH, USA), and adjunct professor at the Univ of the Philippines-Diliman.
Francisco Sy, Harvard Alumnus and PAASE member, will receive the 2012 Leadership in Public Health Practice Award at Harvard's alumni homecoming at the end of September. AWARD CITATION. 27Sept2012
The 'S' Words of Progress by Gisela P. Concepcion. "...I was asked to share with the UP Chemistry alumni the academic initiatives we are undertaking in the UP System to improve the quality of learning, research, and public service in UP...I began by introducing my “S” words." Read PART1 and PART2.
Q & As with Baldomero OliveraREAD ARTICLE (from PNAS). A distinguished PAASE member, Toto Olivera was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 2009. HERE is his inaugural paper in PNAS.
FREE online courses from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and other elite universities!"When the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered its first free online course this spring, Ashwith Rego jumped at the chance to learn from some of the world's leading researchers — without leaving his home in India...READ THIS AP/YAHOO NEWS."Read more at Coursera and edX(Photo credit: AllOnlineEducation)
DELSA Global is "a community initiative to connect experts, share data, and democratize science." MORE(Photo Credit: DELSA)
Contour Crafting: Scaling up a 3D printer to build a house in 20 hours! Watch this TED VIDEO of the talk of Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis of the Univ of Southern California. Amazing!
Why toys make good medical devices.CNN VIDEO . Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT'sLITTLE DEVICES GROUP hacks toys to make affordable medical devices for developing countries.
The Quest for the Higgs Boson(Image: CMS/CER) Here are 3 YouTube videos about the massive Large Hadron Collider built to look for the Higgs boson (a testimony of the force of the human intellect and the gargantuan will to validate predictions!): VIDEO1VIDEO2,VIDEO3
Sakshat Labs: India's Virtual Proteomics InitiativeREAD about it in PLoS Biology. HERE is the link to the Virtual Lab. HERE is a list of the world's leading virtual labs (from the PLoS Biology article). HERE is the link to India's many other Virtual Labs.
 ILO 189 ; MORE ; 
JESSICA: SAUDI SLAVE (all 5 parts in Youtube. must-watch!)
Raymond Tan, PAASE member and professor at De La Salle University, is co-editor of the bookRecent Advances in Sustainable Process Design and Optimization (2012) featuring state-of-the-art chapters on process systems engineering contributed by international experts.MORE
VISSER aims to Put Modern Science Labs at every school and college in the Philippines. VISSER stands for 'Versatile Instrumentation System for Science Education and Research' and is the brainchild of PAASE member Prof. Romel Gomez of the University of Maryland, USA. READ MORE
"Is it culture, the weather, geography? Perhaps ignorance of what the right policies are?... Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson conclusively show that it is man-made political and economic institutions that underlie economic success (or the lack of it)." READ MORE
Emerging Professions: Knowledge Broker. by S. A. Holgate. "The key attribute of knowledge brokering is facilitating a two-way or multiway exchange of information"....MORE.
Annual PAASE Meeting & Symposium (32nd APAMS) held May 4-5, 2012
DADO BANATAO was Plenary Speaker. HERE is the text of his speech.
Information & Data Management Literacy for Scientists. Haendel et al. (2012) write: "The eagle-i Network aims to accelerate the cycle of scholarly communication by making research resources easy to find"...READ MORE.
Cynthia Goh, Univ of Toronto (Canada) Professor of Chemistry & Medical Science, and PAASE member, is a "tireless mentor and advocate for scientific entrepreneurship." READ MORE
The Premise and the Promise is an audio-visual presentation on the University of the Philippines: its history, its presidents and its struggle through the years. Click HERE to know more about the University of the Philippines system, and HERE for an interview with Prof. Caesar Saloma, one of the system's chancellors.
Why most published research findings are False. by J.P.A. Ioannidis. There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each scientific field.. MORE.
Here is a LINK TO A YouTube VIDEO about the Dynamic Learning Program that Chris and Marivic Bernido have developed. It describes details of the program and reports dramatic improvements in the performance of their students as measured by national tests. The Bernidos are PAASE members. MORE

First Things First: A Commentary on K+12 Education 

by Angel C. de Dios

The basic education system of the Philippines faces two major problems: (1) high dropout rates in primary and secondary schools, and (2) lack of mastery of specific skills and content as reflected in poor performance in standard tests for both Grade IV and Grade VIII (2nd year high school) students. Unfortunately, the proposed K+12 curriculum does not directly address these problems... MORE ;(and for more, visit also ANGEL's BLOG).
A group at the Marine Science Institute, Univ of the Philippines at Diliman, led by PAASE members Giselle Padilla-Concepcionand Ed Padlan, reviewed antibody structures with high resolution deposited in the Protein Data Bank from 1994-2010. The paper recently appeared in a special issue of the international journal New Biotechnology. (Photo courtesy of Elsevier)
Philippines: a Spectacular HotSpot of Tropical Biodiversity
Expedition from reefs to rainforests conducted by Filipino scientists and members of the California Academy of Sciences. More on this expedition with video here.

Top 10 Science Stories in 2011
according to Scientific American and to ScienceNOW.

Philippine Score Card on the Millennium Development Goals
Dr. Josette Biyo (right) & Dr. Patricia Licuanan (left) exchange perspectives on science education and culture in the Philippines, as panelists in a forum organized by PhilDev on Nov 7, 2011 in New York City. (Photo Credit: M. Rouhi) Read Maureen Rouhi's account of these two educators' stories and views (also read comments on this article!). Download PhilDev's forum presentation of its mission and goals.
Professor Romel Gomez and colleagues have been awarded a U.S. Patent titled "Apparatus for microarray binding sensors having biological probe materials using carbon nanotube transistors." The invention detects genes by measuring the intrinsic electric charges that exist along the phosphate-sugar backbone of the DNA or RNA. Their method does away with fluorescent dyes or other reporter molecules for tagging the gene fragments, thus significantly simplifying the protocols and lowering the cost of screening. Click HERE for more on the invention. Mel is a professor at the Univ of Maryland, College Park, and a member and past president of PAASE. More of Mel here.
Ed is a Biophysicist and President of PAASE in 1999. His many outstanding scientific accomplishments include the elucidation of the 3D structure of hemoglobin and antibodies. He is a tireless contributor in strengthening S & T in the Philippines. Read his inspiring essay in Star Science: PART 1PART 2.
Josette Biyo, the new Director of the Philippine Science High School System, has an inspiring storyto tell about nurturing future Filipino scientists.
Maureen Rouhi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chemical & Engineering News and new PAASE member, talks about her recent visit to Cambodia: Young Cambodian women's aspirations-in their own words; Two Harpswell Alumni move onHeaven of Hope in Cambodia

About a third of all genes in our genomes are targeted by microRNAs, so it's not surprising that many of these are culprits in cancer development.Baltazar Aguda (Baltz), a Staff Scientist at the National Cancer Institute (USA) and PAASE member, is using computational systems biology to unravel microRNA regulation of cancer gene networks. Here is his latest PNAS article and book on this topic.

Professor Lourdes Jansuy Cruz, National Scientist of the Philippines and recognized with several international awards including a 2010 L'Oreal-UNESCO award, and PAASE member, shows how first-rate science is done in the Philippines. Click on her photo above to read a recent PSL feature article written by Prof. Tecson-Mendoza.

FAMINE IN AFRICA: PLEASE HELP. Go to UNICEF or CNN to learn more. (Photo Credit: CNN)

Salman Khan on Khan AcademyUsing technology for a 'global one-world classroom' and for 'humanizing the classroom' (Click pic above for a video; then click HERE to Khan Academy).

Michael Purugganan, Professor of Genomics at New York University, and PAASE member, tells some interesting stories about his own genome.

Dado Banatao grew up in a small barrio in the Philippines' Cagayan Valley and went on to pioneer the very first personal computer chip set and becomes a major technopreneur in Silicon Valley, California. Click pic above for his story.

In recognition of and gratitude for the Bernidos' "purposeful commitment to both science and nation, ensuring innovative, low-cost, and effective basic education even under Philippine conditions of great scarcity and daunting poverty" we here provide a link to their 2010 MAGSAYSAY AWARD CITATION. The Bernidos are both PAASE members.

"Savvy scientists must increasingly engage with blogs and social media". Paul Knoepfler talks about his year as a stem cell blogger in this NATURE (WORLD VIEW) Column. (Photo Credit: Nature Publishing Group)

"Once upon a time, a man named FEDERICO 'POCH' MACARANAS, came up with the brilliant idea to harness the intellectual capital that resided in science and technology focused professionals of Filipino descent through a global network..." Read about STAC-SILICON VALLEY. STAC is a PAASE partner.

Facebook-led Project Seeks Internet Access Globally For All. The company Internet.Org, launched on August 21, 2013, "will focus on seeking ways to help 5 billion people - or two-thirds of the world's population - who do not have internet access, come online.." (go to internet.orgor the Reuters news for more).