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Population, Poverty, Politics & the Philippine Reproductive Health Bill by Pernia et al. That the population issue continues to be debated heatedly in our country merely testifies to the lack of progress in policy and action..Read More.
Do Remittances Foster Inclusive Growth? The Philippines has been quite successful in taking advantage of opportunities offered by the global labor markets probably more than have many other developing countries. Unfortunately, however, more. Also, read the article in Phil Rev Economics:

Is labor export good development policy?

Is PH poised to hit ‘sweet spot’? The Philippines could be the 16th largest economy in the world by 2050...READ MORE.
Philippine Basic Education by Angel C. de Dios. This BLOG is a collection of commentaries regarding Philippines' Department of Education's K to 12. Also, read about Angel's Paete Projects & Forum HERE.
Working for the Public Good by Giselle Concepcion. Giselle envisions two schemes: one enumerates the kinds of endeavors we are engaged in, and the other is an academic framework. HERE is also the archive of Giselle's essays when she was PAASE President in 2011.

Regarding very many ways that PAASE members can continue to help the Philippines. READ.
Apprenticeships for Technological Entrepreneurs by Cynthia Goh. Say the word “apprentice” and a picture of blacksmiths or cobblers in ye olden days may spring to mind. ...MORE.
Blogs from a Science Journalist. Maureen Rouhi blogs about A ROYAL ENCOUNTER IN THAILAND, and her FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF SINGAPORE. She also talks about her visit to Cambodia: Young Cambodian women's aspirations-in their own wordsTwo Harpswell Alumni move onHeaven of Hope in Cambodia 
ENTROPY IS WHAT YOU DON'T REMEMBER is a delightful video on the meaning of entropy presented by Alfonso Albano and produced by the UP Diliman Interactive Learning Center.
A Decade of Travels in a World Without Walls by Joel L. Cuello. From a decade's worth of memorable travels crisscrossing our world of porous boundaries, here are some of my notes on trends that will reshape our globally interconnected world this century...MORE (an extended version of this article is found HERE).
A Passage to the Philippines (and Globalization 2.0). READ this Philippine Panorama article written by Joel Cuello for The Manila Bulletin (23 Sept 2012).
Rice Genomics Research for Better Human Life by Michael Purugganan. Asian rice, Oryza sativa, is one of world’s oldest and most important crop species. Genomic approaches allow us to examine the evolutionary history of rice, the genes/genomic regions that contribute to adaptation ..WATCH VIDEO.
What happens while you're busy making plans. Francis de los Reyes. Visit Francis' blogAnd don't miss Francis' touching account of Gawad Kalinga
Datasets Galore, Free to the World! by Baltazar Aguda. I strongly urge fellow Pinoy researchers to come up with interesting questions and start seriously mining public biomedical databases for answers & practical applications (READ my commentary on this topic). Professor Butte of Stanford University demonstrates HOW ; also, watch a VIDEO of his talk at NIH. // I am also an advocate of ending modern-day slavery (READ MY BLOG).
David B. Katague's BLOG is devoted to his life experiences as a Filipino-American who emigrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1960. He and his wife have been enjoying the snow bird lifestyle between the US and the Philippines since his retirement from US FDA in 2002. The blog also contains national and international news. Dave also maintains a second blog on MARINDUQUE, their retirement paradise.